Friday, March 18, 2011

Green Star Coffee Wins Bath Street Inn Coffee Tasting

We are happy to announce that Green Star Coffee has won the Bath Street Inn coffee tasting marathon.  We heard that Green Star uses the best 3% of coffee beans in the world, is locally owned, Certified Organic and Fair Trade and knew we had to try it. Why did we decide to switch?  It is unusual for us to have our tastes converge unanimously, but neither Marie, Deborah or Marti have been coffee drinkers on a regular basis for some time.  When we noticed that we were no longer getting compliments on the coffee we were serving, we realized it was time for a change and the coffee tasting began.  We had several goals in mind.  First and foremost was the flavor that comes from great quality: we were tasting for that "ah" that comes when you get a totally satisfying sip of coffee. We needed coffee with superior body and flavor, not so strong that our guests' hair would stand on end or stomachs start to talk back either - had to be smooth and low impact.  Quietly memorable. Third, we wanted  to promote local business, organic farming practices and Fair Trade.  Our local vendors included Santa Barbara's own Green Star Coffee, Caribbean Coffee, Santa Barbara Roasting Company, nearby Ventura's Brazuka Coffee (Local, Organic and Fair Trade) and California based Peet's Coffee. It was a tough decision, came down in the end to Brazuka and Green Star. But, with one voice, all three innkeepers declared Green Star's Morning Star blend our choice.  Made a believer out of Deborah who has missed coffee for years...

Great coffee, just one more reason to visit the Inn when you're looking for wonderful accommodation, great food and gracious hospitality in Santa Barbara.

Deborah Gentry, Innkeeper Bath Street Inn

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