Monday, June 13, 2011

39 Steps Solvang Theatre

Summer is officially here with the opening of the outdoor amphitheater in Solvang. The Solvang Festival Theatre production by the PCPA Theaterfest is Alfred Hitchcock's 39 Steps starting June 16th; it will run until July 3rd to be followed by the musical Hairspray. 39 Steps is a Tony winner from Broadway, keeping most of the multiple twists and turns of Hitchcock's famous film and adding a generous dollop of farce.  Marie and Deborah are film buffs and we know this film inside and out and still love it.  And as good as the play is sure to be, what excites me is the prospect of having a leisurely day in the Solvang area, visiting a winery or two and picnicking,  maybe tasting olives and finally ending up in the magic of the Solvang Festival Theatre.  I love the the transition from a sunny day into the twilight in the Valley and then the cold settling in as the lights come up.  Hot apple cider, tucked up in blankets and a fantasy to transport one, this is the good life.  The theatre is dark on Mondays and Tuesdays.

If you are looking for fine accommodation in Santa Barbara, we welcome you to the Bath Street Inn; rooms are available for this production.

Deborah Gentry, Innkeeper Bath Street Inn

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